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Yesica Lado, sobre mi

Yes My Style

I’m Yessica Lado, enterprising, creative, positive and resourceful. A natural curiosity for learning and discovering new things led me to learn, research and work on what was once my dream and is now my business.

Being a wedding planner is my passion. Why is that so important? It means I enjoy helping people shape their dreams. For me, life is made up of wonderful moments and there is nothing more satisfying than helping people to live and preserve those unrepeatable moments.

But Yes My Style is more than Yessica. I lead a proven team of professionals with a wealth of experience, all working in sync. The quality of their work is rooted in our primary motivation at Yes My Style: helping you make your wedding even better than in your dreams

Our philosophy

If, like me, you think there’s nothing more radically beautiful than authenticity, that which exudes truth through every pore, then you share our Meraki philosophy. It’s a way of understanding your work from the soul, involving your feelings, enjoying with passion, leaving your personal stamp on your work.

All that creativity, organised and channelled in a meticulous and detailed way, will create the wonderful experience you and your partner have dreamed of and will delight and amaze your family and friends, creating a collection of unforgettable moments for a perfect day, for you and for them.

We always start from who you are and how you are, your hopes and dreams. Then we distil your wishes to create an event that reflects your essence as a couple.